Čebelarski jopič s kapo iz mrežaste tkanine

Ventilated beekeeper's jacket with a veil hood

Ventilated beekeeper's jacket with a veil hat

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The thickness of three layers of mesh fabric prevents the bees' stingers to reach the skin and so offers excellent protection, the increasingly sought after item.

- three layers of mesh fabric allow optimal airflow through the fabric and so the jacket is very cool in hot summer days
- the hat is made of three layers of mesh fabric and consists of black mesh in the front, the rear side is made of mesh fabric - both are attached to the hat. Beside good protection, the hat also offers nice visibility and airflow.
- the hat is attached to the jacket with a zipper. While semi unzipped, the hat can be »thrown back« without removing the jacket.
- due to the vertical zipper, it is easy to put the jacket on/off
- the zippers are heavy duty and are intended for long term use
- the spot where the zippers come together is covered by a cover to prevent the bees from coming inside the hat
- four big pockets offer enough space to store small items
- at the end of sleeves are small loops that prevent the sleeves from moving when you put them around the finger before you put on the gloves
- the lower edge of the jacket has in-sewn strong elastic tape
- same sizes for woman and men
- cleaning: wash the jacket in a washing machine at 30°C
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Material Three-layer mesh fabric
Headgear Hat
Pockets 4
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