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Protective square hat

Čebelarska kapa z zadrgo

Veil hood with zippers

Veil hood with a magnifying glass and a lamp

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Magnifying glass and lamp are fixed on the stainless steel holder, which is attached to the veil hood by screws. The magnifying glass which is made of flexible plastic is placed right beneath the lamp. You may choose between white, green and red light and it's intensity. The angle of the lamp can be adjusted so that the lighting is the best. The lamp and magnifying glass can be moved up or down, forward or backward so that the best visibility can be achieved. The lamp uses three AAA batteries, 1,5V each.

- veil hood has in-sewn plastic ribs to keep the shape, double fabric on the rear side and strong black mesh with good visibility and airflow in front
- the flat lamp/glass holder keeps the hood in an extended position
- the lower edge of the hood may have an elastic tape or a zipper, depending on the request of the customer
- head inside the hood is free to move
- same size for women and men
- cleaning: handwashing after removal of the stainless steel holder with the lamp and the magnifying glass
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Weight (Kg) 0.506000
Color Black/White
Material Polyester/Cotton
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