Štirisatno ročno točilo INOX DB

4-Frame handgeared honey extractor INOX DB

Petsatno ročno točilo

5-Frame handgeared honey extractor PE

Motorized 4-Frame honey extractor INOX DB

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4-Frame honey extractor INOX DB with a motor is made of a stainless steel tub with a conical bottom and reinforcement steel rings on the upper and lower edges of the tub, robust stainless steel basket, 80W or 110W motor and safety switch which are fixed on a steel crossbar, three strong steel legs and two plastic transparent lids. On the lowest part of the tub is a plastic honey gate which allows all of the honey to flow out of the tub. All parts of the honey extractor which come in contact with honey are made of stainless steel or materials, which are permitted in food production. All other steel parts are protected against corrosion.

- the crossbar with motor is directly attached to the upper reinforcement ring and all the legs are directly fixed to both reinforcement rings which guarantee a strong and firm construction
- simple cleaning
- durable product (heavy-duty manufacturing)
More Information
Color Red
Number of frames 4
Tub material Stainless steel tub and basket, metal gears and legs
Outer diameter 650mm
Height 1105mm
Honey release height 390mm
Maximum frame size 330x460 (DB)
Honey release diameter 38mm
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