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Beekeeper's jacket with a veil hat

Beekeeper's jacket with a veil hood

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Our best selling product: high-quality materials implemented, superb manufacturing and practical use assures customers satisfaction:
- thick cotton twill fabric offers good protection and airflow
- zippers are robust and heavy duty
- due to the vertical zipper, it is easy to put the jacket on/off
- veil hood has in-sewn plastic ribs to keep the shape, double fabric on the rear side, strong black mesh with good visibility and airflow in front, all of which allows long term use of the jacket
- the veil hood can be separated from the jacket. When semi unzipped, the veil hood can be removed from the head without putting the whole jacket off
- the square cover with velcro ribbon on the hood covers a spot on the jacket where the veils horizontal zippers come together and so prevents the bees to come to the inner side of the hood.
- the tensioner with a velcro ribbon in the front holds the veil mesh away from the face in case of wind
- two bigger and one smaller pocket offer enough space to store small items
- at the end of sleeves are small loops that prevent the sleeves to move when you put them around the finger before you put on the gloves
- the lower edge of the jacket has in-sewn strong elastic tape
- same sizes for women and men
- cleaning: wash veil hood by hand, the rest can be washed with a washing machine at 40°C
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Material Cotton
Headgear Hood
Pockets 3
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