Čebelarska kapa s povečevalnim steklom in svetilko

Veil hood with a magnifying glass and a lamp

Čebelarska kapa z zadrgo mrežasta

Ventilated veil hood with zippers

Veil hood with zippers

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This product is meant to be a spare part and can be attached to an Apikunst jacket or overall with zippers

- strong synthetic mesh in front and aside assures good visibility and airflow
- veil hood has in-sewn plastic ribs to keep the shape and double fabric on the backside
- the spacer inside the hood when attached keeps the hood extended
- below the hood is a textile part with zippers which match the zippers on an Apikunst jacket/overall
- head inside the hood is free to move
- same size for women and men
- cleaning: hand washing
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Material Polyester/Cotton
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