Apikunst - the art of bees

Who we are

The company Apikunst (formerly known as Kunstelj) is a manufacturer and distributor of protective beekeeping equipment (jackets, overalls, headgear, gloves), honey extractors, drives for honey extractors, honey storage containers, bee products and miscellaneous beekeeping items for nearly 30 years.

Our vision is to ease the work of beekeepers by supplying them with quality beekeeping equipment which enables long-term and simple use, as we believe they do one of the most important jobs in terms of sustaining the world's ecosystems – caring for bees.

Our history

First Apikunst beekeeping protective garments.
Our first honey extractor.
Apikunst beekeeping store at Apimondia 2003 convention.
Apikunst beekeeping store at Apimondia 2009 convention.
Beekeepers talking about bees and beekeeping.